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Do You Realize What Happened in 2019?

During most of last year the conferences, the youtube channels, and the sermons from the pulpit were all extolling the prophetic utterance that the final wave of harvest, the revival as spoken of in Joel and Acts 2, was coming this year. Many of us have been so burned out from the many many prophecies of coming events since the turn of the century that practically all of us dismiss them as somewhat fleshly and decide that we will see it when it gets here.
Although there has been much prophetic burn out, we also need to be keenly aware that the scripture states in the last days people will do exactly that, say His coming has been foretold so much we just don't believe it any longer. Here is where we need caution and wisdom. Patience, discernment,  and a close relationship with the Lord will always be your best hedge against the enemy sowing false belief and expectation. No matter what you hear on any media or pulpit always go to the Lord for confirmation. And, if you don't get an answer immediately, wait. Don't say anything or do anything any different than living your normal Christ like life and wait and see and listen for the Lord to speak. He may not talk to you directly. He may send another Word through a proven voice to verify and clarify what He is about to do.But, the bottom line is to wait for verification. God is more than able to validate His own Word more than once.
In the meantime, revival is not going to look like most of us imagine. People are not going to run into a Church and repent at the altar before an altar call is given. They probably won't come into a Church at all. Since most of the sinners out there have in some way or another been turned off by the Church they won't really have a desire to enter the building!  This is what will happen. The power of the Holy Spirit will come upon them in such a way they will feel the tremendous weight of their sin that will cause them to want to repent and acknowledge the reality of God and His Son, the Messiah, right where they are. This suddenly may happen in the grocery store, at a stop light, in the park, or even at the Dr.'s office. There are no boundaries for the Holy Spirit to operate within. He will come and desend upon a person at the most inconvenient time.
Your job is very simple. Be aware and ready. Staying prayed up so you can recognize and be available when someone has been deluged by the Spirit of God.They will need someone to LISTEN to them and let them repent of their life long vacancies of the Spirit! You will not and cannot preach your religion to them. You only need to offer whatever support they feel they need in order to continue in their new life. You may have to ask them to come to your home or go to a coffee shop, etc in order to continue to pray WITH them. But first you must LISTEN to them and do not put any of your own ideas of how you think they now should act upon them! Let the Lord and His Spirit lead them to ask whatever is on their heart. You are simply there to help them get to where they feel like they need to be. Befriend them and make yourself available to them for as long as they need. Answer their questions by using scripture and not your denominational interpretation of how your were taught things are or should be.
This is SALVATION (SOTERIA) not indoctrination so govern yourself accordingly. You will see the reaping of great rewards if you are patient and flexible to go with the flow of the Holy Spirit and not your own religious indoctrination.
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