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Do You Realize What Happened in 2017?

The year was a buzz with the constant flood of Biblical and secular declarations of gloom and doom. The end was here! Nibiru was going to enter our solar system and cause magnetic pole shifts, monster tsunami’s, and huge meteors falling from the sky!! People all over the world were waiting as the Great American Eclipse passed over us on August 21. The day came, the sun went dark, the sun returned, nothing happened. I was in the middle of the dark zone. It was beautiful. but besides the terrible traffic jam afterwards, nothing happened. Next was Sept 23. Revelation 12 sated the devil would be kicked out of heaven and the tribulation would begin. The stars in the sky all lined up perfectly to adhere to the prophetic call of the signs in the heavens that is so clearly stated in the Bible. But, again, nothing happened. At least nothing huge happened on that day. Suddenly all the prophets were quiet, at least all the so-called prophets. Not going to get into a prophetic dissertation on the exact definition of a prophet here, but I will tell you there were many voices out there in 2017 foretelling what they wanted to happen, not necessarily what was going to happen. There is such a continual display on social media and you tube from people that think they hear from God. There are most likely small percentages of them that actually do, but God never tells them to repeat everything He says to everyone in the world. It simply waters down His Word and is most likely a Word that is to be held by the hearer for a time that is needed in order to explain a situation or to minister to someone who is in need of counseling, healing, or deliverance. 99% of what people hear God say is for them to use in ministry to other people instead of making videos and declaring out loud what they’ve heard. His Word is specific to exact situations and should not be spewed out everywhere like a shot gunned shout. People do this to get attention. They want to be recognized as a prophetic person when that is not the correct motive. Many more people are hitching a ride on the “Hebraic” train that takes numbers and letters of the years and the corresponding Hebrew alphabet to create pictures of what is going on and what is about to happen. It is silly, incorrect, and even heretic to try to assimilate your won interpretations of grammar and numbers into some prophetic Word for God in order for you to create a sermon or sell a book! But the plethora of individuals who do this continue to grow and create such a false prophetic sense in people causing the to live on false hope and expectations that never come true. How do you think the church will end up when most of its members follow some ignorant symbology teaching and pin all their hopes on the outcomes that never materialize? They will end up hopeless and faithless because faith is exercised on the hope you have. If you have no more hope because it has continually been dashed by false prophetic proclamations then you have no more faith and your heart becomes sick. See [Pro 13:12 NET] 12 Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a longing fulfilled is like a tree of life and [Heb 11:1 NKJV] 1 Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. You do realize that Faith is the substance of things hoed for? If you have no hope faih cannot be substance. When people’s unfulfilled or incorrect prophecies have filled their lives with hopelessness, they will no longer be drawn to God because they were basing all their faith in the false hope the prophets were feeding them! It would be interesting for everyone who declares a prophetic word to have it filed in a central location where everyone can see and hear it a year later to see if it came true! Wouldn’t that quiet a lot of them? Probably not. They who spout out do not have a fear of God….. Watch out in 2018 because there will be many of these so-called prophetic ministers that will be called out and exposed. Pray for their forgiveness and correction now. Be thankful we’re no longer in the Old Testament days where we’d have to continually have public stoning’s! Also watch what God is going to do to the Earth in 2018. You thought the storms in 2017 were bad? Wait and see what happens this year. There will be many surprises in the Earth. Things will happen that you never imaged would or even could happen. Strange and different events in the Earth that are not normal. God will show us how He can utilize natural things to show He is in control and no one or no thing can take the credit. We are entering into the time of tribulation. There will be more wars, famines, and pestilence. All you need to do is say in prayer, communicate with your nuclear family and your Church family, and exercise your faith based on the hope that is in the Word and don’t listen to continuing false declarations on YouTube!



Pastor Hays

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