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The world in 2016 is ready for REVOLUTION!

Anyone who has ears or eyes in the entire World can easily recognze the amount of turmoil today. It doesn't take much of an understanding to know that the situation between races, cultures, countries, and religions simply have gone amuck. What's worse is that the contention between these factions has no real basis. They are simply leftover, or hand-me-down, idealists who need a revitilazation of their views in order to get attention, money, recognition, and power. Why and how does the Church put up with the onslaught of these actions that include intimidation, rape, ransom, and muder? What is there that can be done short of enlising or forming an army that would simply go and fight face to face with those who oppose us? Can you imagine 100,000 Christian men and women flying to Syria and Iraq, dawning camo suits and guns, with plenty of explosive ammunition, and directly attacking ISIS? How long do you think either side would last? Really? Not long? How about going to mosques in America and making muslims who are intent on changing Amercan customs, laws, and even our constitution, and making them pack up and leave the country or face the same death that they would inflict on us if they had the numbers in their adantage? It is TRUE you know. If muslims were in the majority surely sharia law would be in effect and many of you, your wives, friends. and children reading this would be killed. There is no doubt. The majority of muslims follow the Quran to the law and that law says there is no religion but islam and there is no god but allah. And, to put it to rest, their allah is NOT our God. They simply do not and will never admit that their allah had a son born to a virgin and sent to redeem the world by His blood. Never!
How much clearer does it have to be? In 2016 we are quickly coming to the point where we will have a revolution by those who do not believe in the "change" that has been purported by the current administration. I have not heard of any change in the past eight years that I can see is good for this country and its fight for freedoms that have been in place for over 250 years. If you look back only 15 years to the year 2000, you can see how "innocent" we were even then as compared to today. Don't even try to compare us now to the 50's, 60's, and 70's! My God we simply are not recognizable in our daily lives, cultures, and especially news that is cast over our heads daily by syndicated media in our homes and all over our person via all types of devices such as cell phones, tablets, computers, ourdoor media, etc. It is simpy inundating and overwhelming. Can you or anyone you know honestly tell me things have been getting better over your lifetime? If the answer to that question is the parameter which will guide us in the next ten or fifteen years, where do you see us by then? How will current trends shape your future? What exactly are we going to be acting and looking like in 15 more years? I would bet to say that we most certainly will not look like we did even in the 80's! And I can certainly guarantee there will be no more better time than now to STOP and take measure of where you are and what are you going to do about it! What am I going to do about it? I am going to attest every unrighteous act I see. I will use every medium I can to expose and depose any attempt to thwart and usurp my fought for rights of freedom and liberties that I am barely hanging on to now. Too many people say that there is nothing they can do. Too many people are content to just sit back and watch the parade of lawlessness, unrulyness and unhealthy attitudes permeate our society as long as it isn't in their back yard! As long as that kind of attitude persists then the only thing that will change is everything, for the worse! Then there will be no backyards to own. In order to fight a righteous battle one must turn back to history and see what Israel and the Lord God Almighty have done in the past in the face of contemptuous opposition. There is only one battle plan that is even worth discussing and that will guarantee success.


Begin to pray and fast on a continual basis. Call or post on line to all your firends, neighbors, and relatives to


Cry out to God and repent for your own unrighteousness and lack of desire to have Him rule over your life, family, property, and country. Gather them together for frequent prayer meetings and share your thoughts and theirs as to what you hear from the Lord. Call on His angels to go out and gather the harvest, all your heathen friends and even muslims who do not know the real God. Do not compromise anything to anyone for any reason regarding your morals, your beleifs, and especially your Faith! You have to become pillars of righteousness so that the Lord can use you as a witness to those who do not know Him. You have to set the plumbline that cannot be crossed in order to establish the moral beachhead by which the enemy cannot cross. That beachhead is the cross and the enemy can never defeat the cross! That CROSS bears the weight of all our sin as well as all the weight of righteousness. It is the one thing that still holds us to this earth with the right to own our destiny and all that comes with it! Stand my fellow Christian!
Stand for what is true, for what is right, for what is good and what you know is healthy. Stand and let everyone around you, your city counsel people, your county administrators, your judges, your governors and legislators, your Congress people and especially your President. Let everyone you can have contact with know, without doubt, what you stand for and never relent until Jesus' return. Only then can you abandon your post due to lack of gravity!!!



Pastor Hays

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